Drobny Global is known for its proprietary interactive research process which provides a virtual trading floor environment for clients to discuss, debate and assess critically the key issues and questions of the day in global financial markets.

Drobny Global Advisors (DGA) is a member organization that offers independent, opinionated and aggressive global economic research & strategy to an exclusive group of global market participants.

The DGA membership group includes global macro hedge funds, proprietary traders, global asset managers and institutional investors from all over the globe covering a broad variety of mandates.

Idea generation is emphasized through the concept of the ‘favorite trade’, which keeps the discussions and debates focused on the end product: finding excellent risk-reward macro bets in liquid financial markets. This interactive approach allows participants to tighten up their views, sharpen their analysis, and build more robust portfolios. At the same time, members enjoy networking with other smart and curious financial professionals.

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