Conferences Overview

The Drobny Global Conferences are unique, semiannual events that draw the leading thinkers from the global portfolio management and investment community. Our must-attend events are highly focused, centering on “Favorite Trades” which are presented by some of the top portfolio managers. This invite-only and limited-attendance conference creates an intimate atmosphere for the managers to discuss markets, network, and have a relaxing experience amongst equals in the industry. Drobny Global currently hosts two events per year: Santa Monica, CA in the Spring and in Europe in the Fall.

The first Drobny Global Conference was held in the Spring 2002 in Santa Monica. Since that time, Drobny Global has hosted conferences in cities varying from Rekjayvik, Stockholm, Budapest, Milan, Barcelona, Geneva, London, Las Vegas, New York, and Hong Kong. Keynote speakers have included: Lawrence Summers, Ben Bernanke, Michael Milken, Niall Ferguson, Nouriel Roubini, Jared Diamond, Jim Rogers, and Robert Skidelsky.

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