Macro Summer School/Drobny Junior Program

The Macro Summer School program is the cornerstone of Drobny Global’s effort to engage with younger professionals earlier in their careers. This unique learning opportunity for talented junior portfolio managers, strategists and analysts looks to deepen and expand their knowledge base and help accelerate the learning process for individuals with 1-5 years experience.

In July 2013, Drobny Global hosted its inaugural Macro Summer School program in New York City for junior investment professionals from around the world. Warren Mosler delivered the keynote presentation entitled “Soft Currency Economics.” Mosler is the highly-regarded author of “The Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds” and “Soft Currency Economics” who has been described as “one of the most original and clear-eyed participants in today’s debates over economic policy.”

This past July, Drobny Global hosted its second annual Macro Summer School program for the Class of 2014. Dr. Laurence Meyer, former Governor of the Federal Reserve Board delivered the keynote presentation “Come with me Inside the FOMC”.

The event featured presentations by experienced portfolio managers/“professors” on a range of topics:

• Global capital market infrastructures and flows
• Portfolio construction and risk taking
• Global macroeconomic data: strengths and weaknesses of macroeconomic forecasts
• Reaction functions: understanding and trading global central banks
• Foreign currency trading, analytics, and developments
• Interest rate trading and opportunities
• Volatility: understanding and trading term structures
• Risk management tools and frameworks

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